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Our Famous Blondies!

The Sweeties by Dan MUST HAVE.

A caramel white chocolate brownie recipe perfectly curated by us. If you haven't tried one, we must say.. you are missing out my friend!

The blondie currently comes in 2 flavours, with the most popular being Caramilk!

Blondie Options:

CARAMILK - Caramilk white chocolate blondie, with drizzled white chocolate, dollops of caramel and chunks of caramilk and white chocolate.

PINKY - Caramilk white chocolate blondie, with drizzled milk chocolate, raspberry marshmallow meringue, dollops of caramilk and freeze dried raspberry powder.

All pricing is indicative and Sweeties by Dan reserves the right to adjust pricing according to labour involved. All pricing is discussed and invoice is issued prior to collection/delivery date.

Please note, you can order baby blondies, blondie slabs, blondie towers and blondie hearts from our click and collect online store, here.

Baby Blondies



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24 Pack


Custom Numbers

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