We'd love to hear from you! Please make sure you have checked out our pricing page, FAQ and Terms and Conditions before enquiring about an order. Our pricing page will be able to give you an indication on the price, and also the best size cake for your event. 


Open for orders Tuesday - Saturday.

Custom cake orders & celebration cakes are available for pick up Wednesday - Saturday.

All other treats including cupcakes, blondies, loaded brownies are available to pick up Tuesday - Saturday.

Pick up slots are as follows:

Pick up is from my home registered kitchen in Nawton, Hamilton. Exact address is provided upon invoicing. Address is not publicly listed due to it being our home. 

If the below time slots don't suit, we may still be able to accomodate however your order may be left outside our front door at your own risk.

Tuesday to Friday

9am-10am AND 3pm-6pm 


8.30am-10am. I am often out delivering after this however a later pick up may be available upon enquiry.

We do not take any Sunday or Monday pick ups. Ya gal needs a break from the kitchen too! All our treats last for atleast 3 days. We recommend pick ups on Saturday are totally fine to eat on Sunday.

When submitting your query below, please make sure to include the following details:

- Product you're interested in

- Date of pick up required for the product

- Number of guests to feed

- Colour/Decoration ideas

If you have any images of designs you like, that's great! You can email us directly at sweetiesbydan@gmail.com. However it's important to note, the photos will be used to draw inspiration, and we will use our own creative flare to style the cake. No two cakes are ever the same!

Please note our most common admin days are Monday-Wednesday and busiest kitchen days are Thursday-Saturday. When submitting your enquiry please be wary of this and allow several days for a reply if submitting your query Thurs-Sun. We appreciate your patience and are always getting back to enquiries as soon as possible.

All orders are baked in our home kitchen by Dan which is fully registered with the Hamilton City Council. We uphold strict cleaning and hygiene standards, and the kitchen is inspected once a year. All of creations contain gluten, wheat, dairy (milk/milk products) and eggs. They may contain traces of peanuts, treenuts, soy and sesame. Please disclose any allergens upon submitting your initial query below.



Please make sure you have read the above information before submitting the form. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. Please read above our admin days & kitchen days. We appreciate your patience whilst awaiting to hear back from us.

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