Custom Buttercream Cakes & Sweet Treats with love.


Loaded Brownies

We were the first to change the brownie game! A delicious triple chocolate brownie, topped with the best kind of treats! With 5 mouth watering options to choose from, this is perfect for those who don't like cake.

Each brownie is approx 25cm x 17cm.


"Cookies & Cream Dream" - white choc drizzle, crushed Oreo, meringue, chunks of white choc and Hershey's cookies n cream

"White Choc Rasp" - white choc drizzle, crushed freeze dried raspberry, crushed meringue, white choc chunks

"Peanut Butter Lovers" - milk choc drizzle, dollops of peanut butter, Reeces pieces cups, milk choc chunks

"OG Triple Choc" - milk choc drizzle, white choc drizzle, malteasers, milk choc chunks, white choc chunks

"Caramel Crazy" - milk choc drizzle, caramel drizzle, caramel dollops, snickers chunks, caramel popcorn, milk choc chunks

All pricing is indicative and Sweeties by Dan reserves the right to adjust pricing according to labour involved. All pricing is discussed and invoice is issued prior to collection/delivery date.


Loaded Brownies
$40 each


Optional Extras

Additional to the pricing listed above

Caramel OR Chocolate Syringes

$2 each

There isn't many things more satisfying than squeezing chocolate straight on to a piece of brownie!

Fresh/Dried Florals


Florals are sourced via amazing local florists. Florals available will be dependent on what is in season.


$3 each (Full Size)
$2 each (Minis)

Delicious macarons made by us!

Fondant Stamp with short message

$1 each

Add a short message to your cupcake box E.g. "Happy Birthday Mum!" "I Love You" "Congratulations Sis!"

Confectionary of your choice

Available to Quote on request

Add your loved ones fave treats to their brownie!